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PMH Consulting & Trading Alliance 


My name is Philip M. Harbich and I am the founder and CEO of PMH Consulting & Trading Alliance. 

Our international team and I believe that we should share the knowledge that each individual has acquired in their career. 


The basic theme is to offer and share a network with the related experience, so that the network grows among the partners and each member in the network can participate from the other. 
I myself have been actively working in the fruit and vegetable world since 2006. Started in Germany, as a buyer and seller at the fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Nuremberg, through the Netherlands in Venlo as a buyer and seller at the Fresh Park for a large national German food retailer, to Italy (South Tyrol) as a Head of Buying for a large international food retailer and back as a sales director for the B2B business. 
Our goal and especially my personal vision is that all the experience of my team and me from the international fruit and vegetable business is shared with new partners and synergy effects are used. 
Starting in the right sourcing strategy, which includes the right producer selection, the right certifications, the right packinghouse and the right exporter. 
Marketing strategies and the right choice of packaging complete the vision. In the end, we all want a satisfied customer who is convinced by performance and quality. On the other hand, we want a producer and their family who is also satisfied and continues to enjoy growing fruits or vegetables. Only when all batches in the supply chain from field to fork are satisfied am I also satisfied and speak of a job well done. 



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